6 Reasons Why a Chatbot Should Be Your Next Major Business Decision

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In this modern day and age as a person in the customer-serving industry, there are two qualities that you should have: Efficiency and Adaptability. Customers’ behaviours, habits and what they find acceptable are changing. Conventional channels like emails and online ads are not as effective as they used to be with the introduction of ads blocker and spam filtering. In this case, how are you be able to leave an impression in your target audience so they remember you? Perhaps it’s time you try a chatbot.

1 Chatbots can Automate Your Operation

As computer programs, chatbots are design to handle a multitude of tasks at the same time the way a computer can. This also means that one area where it excels is handling repetitive tasks, including mundane administration procedures or answering frequently asked questions (FAQs) in customer service. With the Chabot taking care of these everyday tasks, your employees can then free up more energy to take on core business activities, such as chasing leads and building connections with customers.  

2 Chatbots Have High Answering Efficiency

Having a chatbot handle your customer enquiries will also improve the overall efficiency and quality of the process. Besides providing instant answers, they are also capable of drawing and combining answers from various sections of your website and product. No more navigating from one page to another page for an answers, it’ll be all conveniently from one single source.

3 Chatbots Can Work 24/7 Nonstop

Want to go beyond the limits of your working hour? A Chatbot will be able to answer customer inquiries ANYTIME. This include times when you’re unable to check an email or answer a text. And at instances when a Chatbot cannot provide a suitable answer, it can log down that request or inquiry for you to follow-up on the next day.

4 Chatbots is Constantly Improving and Updating Itself

A Chatbot never stops learning. Besides the data that you want to train it with, it learns through continuous interactions with customers and agents. This makes it very easy to update the Chatbot to answer with the latest and updated information. Through this continuous learning

5 Chatbot will Help You Understand Your Customers Better

Through its interaction with customers, the Chatbots learns more about their likes, dislikes and behaviours. Through these data, the Chatbot is able to piece together information that reflects the level of trust customers have in the organization as a whole and their likely intent to remain loyal. With this crucial piece of information regarding the customer’s attitude, the next appropriate steps to take can then be decided under a more informed circumstance.

6 Chatbot has No Language Barriers

As long as the right language data is available, a Chatbot will be able to converse in any languages. This makes handling customer service even more smoothly when you have a diverse customer base, or if you’re looking to expand into a new region. Following the same logic, it can easily adapt into different context when apply to different scenarios. By including vernaculars and particular phrasings in its training data, a Chatbot can then be able to provide a more contextualised answer, which ultimately leads to even more happy customers. The Chatbot at VeServe is capable of taking its language capability a step further. With its unique Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, our Chatbot has the ability to handle mixed languages.

It is expected by 2020, 30% of all B2B companies will have implemented some form of artificial intelligence, such as a chatbot, into their primary sales processes. The growth of chatbot is an inevitable trend and one that you should consider as your next major business decision.

Interested in adding a Chatbot into your business operations? Feel free to contact us at VeServe and we will get you started on your AI journey.

Image Credit: Quentin Lee

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