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Why our chatbot?

Automate your operations

A Chatbot can perform all your daily routine duties at ease and with efficiency. It is an ideal choice if you are looking for ways to reduce the unnecessary time caused by mundane and repetitive tasks.

Huge database not needed

Our Chatbot does not rely on a huge database for it to fully operate. All it requires is a certain set of data that will be used for its training and it will be ready to operate. This makes it suitable for implementation in a business context.

Multi-lingual conversation capability

As long as the required language data is provided during its training, the chatbot will be able to operate in any language. It can even identify a language but answer in another according to how its trained. This all depends on which language data it is trained to recognize and which it is used for answering

Ease in training

Our chatbots are purposely for smooth management and training. Adding to and taking from its knowledge tree is simple and can be accomplished within a few clicks. This design allows for more flexibility during the editing of the knowledge and less the hassle.

Unique Identification Engine

This unique engine has allowed the chatbot to recognize patterns and occurrences, instead of the conventional keyword approach. This gives our chatbot the advantage in handling syntax issues caused by different phrasings and ordering of sentences.

Mixed language capability

Our unique identification engine has allowed our chatbot to be able to recognize instances in which a mixture of languages is used. This feature is particular useful in Hong Kong as people tend to speak in a mixture of Cantonese and English.

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