IoT UV-C Disinfection Solutions

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IoT UV-C Disinfection Solutions

The outbreak of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) continues to escalate, with cases confirmed in Hong Kong and around the world. VeServe partner with Philips, Signify, and Novelte, aims to provide UV C Disinfection Solution to your workplace.

UV-C lighting is a technology whose time has come

When designed properly, installed correctly with safety instructions followed, is a safe and highly effective form of disinfection

As countries start to come out of lockdown there’s renewed focus on ensuring that workplaces, facilities, and all manner of public transport are safe to use. As organizations grapple with this new reality, a tried and tested disinfectant, in the form of ultraviolet (UV) lighting, is garnering huge interest.

Surface disinfection
Disinfection of surfaces is performed through direct exposure to the UV-C radiation from lamps, luminaires or disinfection carts that are activated when people are not present. They can be brought into a workplace or bus or train when people have left. An extra level of safety may be provided by remote on-off switches and sensors which can shutdown systems if people or animals are detected.

Air disinfection
Signify also offers a range upper-room air disinfection systems thanks to its recent acquisition of the assets of Germicidal Lamps & Applications (GLA). Its ceiling-mounted units rely on natural or mechanical ventilation in the room. Contaminated air, at an upper level, passes through a ‘UV-zone’ where it’s disinfected. Such systems can be used in rooms with people present as the light source is shielded from those below and located at a height of at least 2.3m.

Water disinfection
Signify cut its UV-C teeth in providing lamps for water disinfection. They are used all over the world in both water treatment plants and residential drinking water purification systems. Applications include disinfecting and purifying drinking water, wastewater, process water, swimming pools, and ponds. UV-C lamps are available in wattages from 4W up to 1000W depending on the application, which varies from large municipal installations in which several hundred lamps are used to small units that fit inside household sinks to disinfect drinking water. These domestic units are popular in India and China.

UV C Anti-Epidemic Robot ANZER

UV C indoor mobile multi-point disinfection

  • Ultraviolet indoor mobile multi-point disinfection
  • Configure infrared body temperature monitoring, body temperature detection during the day, and disinfection at night
  • Voice alarm: “UV killer, please keep away!”
  • Laser SLAM algorithm completes the construction and positioning of the global environment map
  • Ultraviolet disinfection robot is suitable for shopping malls, stations, offices, production sites, etc.

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