IVR Replacement/Voice Intelligence

Our experts work with your team to determine how AI can help you meet the critical challenges facing your business. Together, we have found a unique AI investment that strikes a balance between creating value today and building capabilities in the future. After completion, your company will be ready to take specific steps to obtain the compound benefits of AI.

IVR Replacement/Voice Intelligence

One-stop management, regardless of pre-sale product inquiry or after-sale customer relationship maintenance, turn every conversation into a business opportunity.

VeServe IVR Benefits

Better routing, Omnichannel experience
Enable the customers to navigate through mobile apps, inquires information anywhere, at any time.
Better routing the customers to the specialist, with all browsing history and system logging helps agents.

Faster issue resolution
Collecting customer’s navigation information before connecting the caller to the agent
Dramatically cuts down on call handle time
In result, the high customer satisfaction and more effective support agent.

Fast access to necessary information
Enhanced self-service function
Enables the customers to manage their own accounts without any wait at all.

Fewer calls, higher efficiency
By unifying the sophisticated IVR with VeServe IVR, you can resolve customer issues all within your control,
Reducing the number of calls coming into your agents.
Fewer offices, less equipment and reduced staffing allow you to control expenses without sacrificing customer support.

Technical Perspective
Our IVR solution using SIP protocol can ride on almost any PABX system or no PABX involved. VeServe offers a plug-and-play solution to allow the company to adopted VeServe IVR in an easy way.

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