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To foster and discover talents of the future, we have set up an interesting scholarship at the City University of Hong Kong, which will be awarded annually to students who qualified our conditions.

What’s special about this scholarship is that it instead of the student with the highest academic achievement being the receiver, we are instead looking for individual minds who are able to demonstrate an innovative mindset and the ability to think creatively and act independently. These are also the qualities that we look for in our development team.

Hence, receivers of this reward will also be given a chance to intern at our company, in which they will be exposed to all our current technological assets as well as ongoing projects. They will also be given the chance to be one of the participating members of this project and show the team what they can bring to the table. A rare and exciting opportunity for those who wish to pursue a career in the technological field and wish to understand the day-to-day operations that comes of this career choice.

We at VeServe appreciates and values unique talents that will bring that extra spark to the project. Hence, we hope through this scholarship, like-minded people will not only be able to meet and collaborate with each other, but most importantly, innovate.

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