Our experts work with your team to determine how AI can help you meet the critical challenges facing your business. Together, we have found a unique AI investment that strikes a balance between creating value today and building capabilities in the future. After completion, your company will be ready to take specific steps to obtain the compound benefits of AI.

About the company

We help company accelerate AI adoption at every step.

VeServe Company Limited is an IT firm with a specific focus on three “I”s: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Intelligence (NI) and Business Intelligence (BI), all with a particular focus in generating products that will provide high business values and returns.

VeServe is currently working with clients on a multi-national context. For example, our work with one of the leading consumer finance company in China has led us to a project with the scale of 120 thousand call center agents. The project has now expanded from catering to their end-customers to servicing their internal clients for all their backend operations as well, such as their HR and finance department.

On a more local scale, we are cooperating with one of the top insurance companies in Hong Kong with a tailor-made NI solution that caters to their specific requests. Furthermore, this solution is now applied across their many channels of communication and will continue to expand further in the future.

The world of Artificial and Natural Intelligence should not be and is never a complex world.

And it should not be just for people who have the utmost understanding in programming and computing. So here’s what we propose: Leave the so-called mundane data-crunching and lines of code to us, and in return, through our original systems and professional services, we will help you achieve that technological boost your business needs to reach the next level.