Virtual IVR/Call Centre Solution

IVR remains a popular option as a traditional means of communication with customer. VeServe takes this further by digitalizing conventional analogue IVRS approach, making it lighter, easier to manage and more affordable with transparent operation performance data.

Virtual IVR/Call Centre Solution

Virtual IVR Benefits

VeServe Virtual IVR offers a simplified, straightforward and effective way to build and manage a sophisticated IVR call tree with an innovative IVR management system.

Fast Time-to-marketVeServe Virtual IVR moves beyond the traditional XML approach when constructing an IVR call tree to a FAQ structure, similar to that of VeServe Chatbot. New changes will take effect the next time someone calls the hotline, providing close-to-real-time update.

Easier Operation and Maintenance – With our system, users with little to no background on XML can construct and edit the call tree that will be used by the system. This includes building and modifying content, designing navigation paths with DTMF options and other IVR actions, such as designating a FAQ for leaving voicemails.

Full Conversation Log – From each number the customers have pressed on the numpad to how the system responded to the input, each instance in which the customer interacts with the system is all recorded and logged down in our system for review and storage purposes.

Real-time Online TTSVeServe Virtual IVR also comes with VeServe TTS, a text-to-speech solution that allows users to generate audio files from FAQ content in real-time. This gives our system the capability to cater to spontaneous content and impromptu announcements with ease.

*VeServe TTS is also available as a standalone solution. For more details, please consult our representatives