Mobile Live Chat Solution

VeServe SANDI is a self-developed mobile live chat interface for agents as the mobile version of VeServe LiveChat. This app is designed for agents that are constantly on-the-go and allows them to respond to incoming message sessions conveniently.

Mobile Live Chat Solution

SANDI Mobile Application

SANDI stands for Standalone Agent “No Distance” Interface, which is reflective in the way SANDI empowers call centre agents/contact centre staffs to respond to customer queries anywhere and at any time.

Multichannel Handling – Leveraging the power of VeServe Adaptors, SANDI allows agents to send and receive messages through one unified interface. Agents will no longer need to use company-provided or their own account on popular message platforms for response

Consolidated Message Data – All message records across all channels will be collectively stored within the system. Conversation Logs will also be centralized through SANDI so they are no longer dispersed and scattered throughout the devices used to respond to customers

*SANDI requires either VeServe Chatbot and/or VeServe LiveChat as it is an extension to the above two systems.