Live Chat/Call Centre Solution

Whether you already own an existing call centre operation or you want to integrate a live chat system into your current business practices, VeServe offers easily manageable solutions for both. Be prepared to further expand your service scope to offer more tailored customer engagement and follow-up services.



Live Chat/Call Centre Solution

VeServe Live Chat/Call Centre Solution fully utilize call centre expertise, we believe that the call centre agents are the most suitable expertise for the chatbot trainer.

Why VeServe?

Incoming Client Profiling
Detailed Client profile can be shown to serve as a reference for Call centre agent.

NLU Answers Recommendation
Our NLP engine is integrated with the live agent chatroom, even when in the background, the engine will suggest the closest answer from the knowledge base.

Mixed Language Answer Handling
The incoming message of various languages can be recognized from the engine. The current language setting used by the client will also be displayed.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Integration Capability
Call distribution feature is also available, With the necessary call transfer, call monitoring and queuing system necessary for the operation of a Call Centre.

Sentiment Calculator
The sentiment inspection of each incoming message to alert agents when a situation should be escalated.

Management Information Systems Report (MIS Report)
Our MIS report draws and computes raw data from each parameter, which can be customized to fit your KPI preferences, and reflects the bot/agent performance in terms of those criteria.

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