VeServe Company Limited is a technology company in Hong Kong and Mainland China with the aim to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) closer to the user side, making its implementation more affordable and accessible to business from Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to Corporates.

Ready-to-Go Live Chat/Call Centre Solution

With in-buillt ACD and performance monitoring statistics, this easy and simple one-stop management system will give you the clarity and holistic overview to take your call centre operation to the next level.

NLP Chatbot Solution

Frontline Robotic Agent to handle and log down all customer interactions. Gain customer insights and derive customer behavioural statistics to graspy pre-sale and post-sale opportunities.

IVR Replacement/ AI Voice Intelligence

Preserve existing IVR practices while moving on to more advanced, affordable, easily manageable call tree maintenance and operations. Further enhanced service capabilitie by incorporating AI elements.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automate not only repetitive tasks but also regular routines to achieve higher operation efficiency while reducing possible human errors. Works alongside Live Chat/Chatbot and IVR solutions as well.

IoT UV-C Disinfection Solutions

With partnership with Signify under PHILIPS LIGHTING, access a range of high-quality, energy-efficient UV-C Disinfection products for a relatively safer and hazard-free working environment.

Smart Business Transformation Kickstart

New to AI? Receive professional advices, recommended approaches and tailored action plan on how your company can start embarking on its AI journey and transform your business for the better.

AI Solutions Should Be Accessible, Simple & User-friendly

NI is a technology that can greatly benefit a company’s growth, increase operation efficiency and gain insight on customer behavioural and interaction data. With these tools in your hand, you will be equipped to make more informed and appropriate plans of action and business strategies. 

With our help, it will no longer matter that you may not have the relevant technical background or knowledge, these tools and moreover, their capabilities will be at your fingertips.

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